cupcake liner poms

When planning my littlest lady's birthday party this winter I was all set to make a cupcake liner garland as part of her decor (similar to the one shown in this Party Perfect post). But, a few days before the party I stumbled across a tutorial for a cupcake liner pom and plans changed!

The process is super easy and the time needed is minimal. I would make one small change: there is no need to buy styrofoam balls. You can crumple up old newspaper for your ball shape and wrap it in strong tape for extra sturdiness. Want to be even more eco-friendly? Check out green party goods for biodegradable cupcake liners!

When the party is done - don't throw your pom away! Use it as bedroom decor or wrap it carefully to use again. These sweeties are quite sturdy!

Check out the tutorial on how does she? and let me know in the comments if you have any questions! And, don't forget it's two for tuesday on oh, buckets' blog - check out what I've been up to in today's other post!

See you back here on Thursday with a shop that is as practical as it is cute!


Mum said...

The pom is SO fun and the possibilities are endless! Love it!

oh, buckets' blog said...

@Mum - wouldn't an egg shaped base covered in the cupcake liners be adorable for Easter?! thanks for checking in!

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