happy St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of St. Patty's Day let's do some online shopping in Ireland! I've had so much fun chatting with these ladies in preparation for the post, I can't wait to share their shops with you!

First up, Heathers Treasures in Galway. The little dresses and embellished coats are just too cute!

Next, to Babies Republic in Dublin for some adorable knit baby accessories! The product photos (like the one featured here by Danielle Hobbs) make browsing her shop a real treat!

And finally to Cork, to check out Hobbit Friendly. This little shop offers fleece hoodies that look oh, so cozy!

Happy celebrating and I'll see you back here Tuesday with a super cute DIY tutorial!


Mum said...

This fleece hoody is SO adorable!!! Can't wait to check out the shop! Thanks!!!

oh, buckets' blog said...

@mum - yep, that's my mama folks :) thanks for stopping by the blog today!

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