let's make crayons!

Do you have a tub of broken crayons that has been sitting on the craft shelf for years because you keep thinking that someday you'll find a use for all those bits?

Well, the day has come! From simple chunks to fabulous shapes, one color wonders to fancy swirls it's time to breathe new life into those broken bits! Here are a few of my favorite tutorials from around the web:

Crafty Daisies - crayon nibbles
Martha Stewart Kids - Crazy Crayons
Blissfully Domestic - make your own crayons

Use your shiny new colors at home with the kiddos, for gift giving, or party favors! One of my recycled journals and a set of these cuties would make a wonderful gift or party favor (wink wink)!

I'd love to hear from you in the comments - have you tried this before, do you have any tips or tricks to share?!

See you back here Thursday for a little twist on getting to know...


Katie said...

This is a favorite of mine. My kids love making crayon cupcakes!!

Anonymous said...

Fun! Our city hall is doing this on Earth Day (kids bring the crayons... not sure how they're going to melt them there!)
You're so clever, Jesi!
(from Kim Frantz)

oh, buckets' blog said...

@ Katie - isn't it great, the kids really can help with this!

@Kim - that's so neat your city hall is having an Earth Day celebration!

bonnie said...

love this! such a cute idea. you can do the same thing with candles, too! put all your candle 'ends' into the microwave to melt them, remove the leftover wicks and pour into a candle-safe container with a new wick. ta-da!

oh, buckets' blog said...

@bonnie - thanks for the great candle tip!

Danielle said...

Did you take this photo? It looks identical to one I found this morning when searching for crayon crafts that is no longer active from back in 2007. Did you get permission or license this photo from someone?


oh, buckets' blog said...

hi Danielle!
the photo is not mine...it belongs to the person whose tutorial I linked to in the post...just now tried to use the link and it is "broken". shoot - it was a great tutorial!! I am going to leave it there in case it works again at some point! and, if you are wondering about the permission for your own blog or whatnot...I don't know the exact rules, but I always ask for permission if the blog states I should...if I don't see that then I use the link and sometimes coordinating image and then send the blogger a note to let them know - my intention is to always give credit where credit is due!

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