a St. Patrick's Day snack

Make your St. Patty's Day extra special with a green themed snack: lime dip and green apples! Serve this tasty duo with green milk to bump up the fun factor!

And, remember to buy organic apples if you can! Apples fall on the top 10 list of food to purchase organic - check out the entire list here.

Enjoy! And, stop by the comments to let me know if you have any special snacks, treats, or meals planned for this Irish holiday.

See you on St. Patrick's day with a few adorable children's shops straight from Ireland!

P.S. Thanks to Jenny from Leaf and Tendril Photography for letting me use her lovely green apple photo!


Jenny said...

The recipe sounds yummy! I'm going grocery shopping today and will plan to pick up some green apples so that I can try this out. Thanks for sharing!

oh, buckets' blog said...

@Jenny - since they aren't green I didn't mention this in the post, but oranges and strawberries are super tasty with this dip too!

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