my workspace

I love taking a peek inside other's homes: whether it's a living room re-do, a just finished nursery, or a drool worthy workspace I just can't seem to get enough!

In case you're like me, here is a tiny peek at my office space - the place where I type this blog, post listings for my shop, and craft my handmade items!

I *love* this chair! It's a good thing, since I spend several hours a day typing away from this very spot.

This dilapidated little TV tray is my workstation. I prefer to work on the floor and this little bugger, along with a twin sister, serves my needs perfectly! Seriously.

And, the final shot for today - my supply area. Here you will find all of my tools, small shipping supplies, and a filing cabinet hiding underneath. I made the tableskirt from a fabric shower curtain - a no sew project that has worked out quite well!

Thanks for coming on my miniature tour - we'll do it again sometime! See you back here Thursday with a shop you are sure to love!

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