no paper paper towels [DIY]

Back in March, Bonnie, the author of one of my very favorite blogs - Going Home to Roost - did a post about eliminating paper towel use. A lovely reader, Jess, offered a suggestion for making this leap a little easier. You can check out her blog post for detailed instructions on how to make "paper" towels from old white t-shirts!

I'll be giving this DIY a try in the next week or two when the hubby replaces all of his old t-shirts, but if you get a chance to try it before I do please let me know how it goes!

And, make sure you stop back on Thursday when I'll be sharing an upcycled Easter craft inspired by Earth Day!


Jess said...

Thanks so much for featuring my tutorial! I hope you like these unpaper towels as much as me!

bonnie said...

yeah! honored to be here, jes! :) can't wait to see what you think about the towels, they are on my to-do list as well! xox

oh, buckets' blog said...

@Jess - you are quite welcome, but I should be saying: no, thank you! :)

@bonnie - xox back at ya!

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