upcycled bunny craft

Last year my littlest's preschool teacher made owls using paper towel roll cores. Since then, my girls and I have taken that idea and run with it by creating owls of our own, penguins, and now bunnies!

This craft is appropriate for many ages - my 8 and 5 year olds enjoy the project equally. While my littlest still needs some help with the smaller pieces, my oldest has fun making the project unique by adding extra embellishments!

Here's what you will need to make your own upcycled bunny:
* an empty paper towel roll (the inside cardboard part)
* scrap papers
* packing peanuts (left over from a delivery)
* thin marker or pen
* gluestick
* scissors
* ruler or tape measure
* double sided tape (optional)
* hole punch (optional - to use for the eyes and nose)

Begin by cutting a 2 inch section of the paper towel roll - this is your little bunny's body. Then, cut a 2 inch wide strip of paper long enough to wrap around the body - cover your bunny body with this strip, seal it with glue or double sided tape. Use scraps to cut the ears, whiskers, eyes, and nose - glue them on. Snip the end off of a packing peanut, stick it to the back by adding glue to the flat, cut side. Use the marker to add a mouth. And, finish up with any additional embellishments you'd like to add!

You can use your finished bunnies as decoration around the house, placecard holders at your Easter table, dyed egg holders, or napkin rings! It would also make a cute birthday party project.

I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating both Earth Day and Easter this weekend! See you back here on Tuesday with a free download!

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