The Big Eco Directory

About a month ago, I submitted an application for my blog to be included in The Big Eco Directory - a website that, "features all of the best eco-friendly and green related websites."  Just this week I was notified that my blog was accepted.  You can find the link button below my list of followers. 

There are currently 335 active links ranging from blogs to green jobs to eco travel.  I hope it will continue to grow as it seems to be an awesome resource!

Here are a couple of blogs that I've found using the directory:

A blog that offers green ideas spanning a variety of topics.  For example, today I read a post about biodegradable shoes - cool, right?!  And, I found this adorable idea for making use of "orphan" socks!  Though, at our house, I'm not sure we even have any socks that cute!

A blog that offers, "a collection of hints to help nurture a more ecological and economical household with very simple choices."  The posts here range in topic from hand sanitizer, just posted last week, to a no soap challenge!

Go ahead, take a peek - and please come back to share any fun new sites or tips you may find!


bonnie said...

how did i not know about this? awesome!

Kristina said...

Cool site Jes! I'll be peeking around it soon.

oh, buckets' blog said...

hey ladies, happy to share - hope you find it useful!

FreshGreenKim said...

Oh thank you sincerely! I hope you and your readers will also enter the Prefense giveaway... it goes through the end of the month!

what a pretty blog you have, I will add you to my blogroll :)

oh, buckets' blog said...

@FreshGreenKim - thanks so much for stopping by :) happy to have found your blog!

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