celebrating the 4th of July

Each year we host a small 4th of July gathering where we eat simple summer food, play yard games, and later drive to the park with snacks and blankets to watch the fireworks.  To help set the festive mood there are always mason jars, cupcakes with special toppers, handmade decor, as well as red, white, and blue accessories!  I'd love to know, how does your family celebrate the 4th?


embellished tank tops [4th of July DIY]

My girls and I love to wear a little red, white, and blue on the 4th of July! This year, still hung up on the flimsy fabric flower I taught you how to make in a previous post, I embellished tanks my girls already own. With a tiny bit of fabric and vintage buttons my mom had recently given me from her stash, these plain blue tanks are ready for the holiday!  I think I might even make one for myself...

Note: I altered the directions from before just a little - since I plan to remove these flowers after the holiday, only a couple of stitches were necessry for easy removal later.  If you don't like the frayed edges, use a pinking shears to cut the circles.  I frayed mine on purpose!  And, by the way, one shirt took maybe 10 minutes - so easy!


I'd love your vote!

b is for banner - vintage book pages - custom/personalized

Ready for the shameless plug?!  My vintage book page banners are included in the latest EtsyKids design challenge - party!  Voting has begun and I'd love your vote!  Head on over to the EtsyKids blog.  Scroll down to number 35, that's me.  Click the circle next to my banner then scroll down and click "vote" after number 82.  Voting ends June 27.


Bob Buckmeier Foundation - Sprint for a Cure

This Saturday, June 18 will be the 7th Annual Bucky's Bash - an event put on by the Bob Buckmeier Foundation to raise money for families dealing with cancer in our community.  If you attend, make sure you bid on my silent auction donation - a custom vintage book page or vintage sheet music banner!


Thank you, SFC, for all the good you do in our community!

For more information, check out Bob Buckmeier Foundation - Sprint for a Cure on Facebook.


sweet potato muffins with flax meal

Yesterday I was in the mood for a Fall-like muffin.  So, I came up with this sweet potato recipe.  If I do say so myself, it's pretty darn good!  I need to play around with reducing the amount of sugar - let me know if you get to that before I do! 

And, make sure you check out these links for the super health benefits of both sweet potatoes and whole ground flax meal!

By the way, both my girls said - "sweet potato muffins??  eww!" and then proceeded to gobble them down with large smiles  :)  Read on for the recipe and enjoy!


getting to know MaiseysDaiseys

I'm so excited to share this shop with you today!  The creative mind behind MaiseysDaiseys is 13 year old Macy.  She started the shop, with her mom Jill, when she was only 8 years old!  The hair accessories are like none I have seen before, sculpted using paper mache.  Among my favorites, the recycled newspaper flower headbands:


sweet owl gift sets

I am totally in love with the owl pillows made by Haley of g&g!  These little cuties, made partially with eco felt, are so bright and cheerful!  As I browsed her shop, I thought her owl pillows and my owl journals would make adorable gift sets - take a peek, I think I was right! 

Who do I have in mind for these sets? 
  • new mommas - a decorative pillow for the nursery and a journal to use as a pregnancy record, child care notebook, or to keep track of all of those special moments
  • a preschooler - a little stuffed friend and a journal for those early drawings
  • a school-ager - these kiddos still love stuffies (at least mine do!) and their very first journal to keep track of family vacations or special school memories

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